What to Expect at an OMZ Yoga Class

We believe yoga is for everyone, whether you are a raw beginner, a seasoned practitioner or have suffered injuries; our instructors are thoughtful and trained to make each pose accessible to each student by modifying the pose and /or using props such as yoga blankets and bricks, if needed. We truly hope you start, or continue, your yoga journey with us on your way to a happier and more balanced life! 

Our classes focus on calm breathing techniques (pranayama) and yoga postures (asana) thoughtfully sequenced and instructed to meet the individual needs of our students. All of our classes are offered at a typical room temperature (around 70 degrees F) and are for everyone, of every body type and no matter where you may be on your yoga journey. From the brand new practitioner, to the long time yogi, our classes and teachers are here to support you on your path and guide you into the poses through thoughtful class structures and individualized instruction. We have a wide variety of props available for use by students and even in-class mats, should you forget yours!  

Standing Poses

Clear, concise instructions are offered with individualized modifications and props, such as yoga bricks, as needed and determined by your body and instructor. Poses are held, and moved in and out of slowly, to ensure full body awareness.

Floor Work & Seated poses

Floor work and seated poses are structured with care and guided thoroughly by your instructor to find your own move into the pose and assisted with additional props, such as straps, yoga blankets and even yoga chairs. These movements are held for longer periods and moved into with slow deliberation.


Inversions are a time for poses held with your heart above your head. This may be headstands or shoulder stands, if you're comfortable and with guidance from your instructor to energize, or more restorative poses such as legs-up-the-wall. No matter which, you are assured to be well positioned and supported throughout.