Prenatal, Pre-school & Kids Yoga

Our studio is equipped, and our staff prepared, to support a wide variety of needs from our students. We have certified prenatal and pre-school instructors that can support and offer a wonderful experience for your individual and/ or group needs. Please contact us for more information on the class types below and get started on your new journey today!


Prenatal Yoga

The Prenatal Yoga class at the beautiful, serene OMZ Yoga Studio is specifically and thoughtfully designed and sequenced to meet the individual needs of expectant mothers. Our prenatal yoga teachers pay close attention to each student and modify poses with the use of yoga props according to their changing bodies and stages in their pregnancy. The class will focus on strengthening pelvic floor muscles for labor and delivery, relieving pregnancy discomfort, and breathing techniques to calm the mind.

Benefits of Prenatal Yoga:
-Strengthen and prepare the body for labor & delivery
-Alleviate common pregnancy discomfort and problems such as lower back pain, swelling of the feet, anxiety, fluctuations in blood pressure, excess weight gain, fatigue, edema, and urinary problems
-Learn breathing techniques to calm your mind and face contractions with less anxiety
-Relax and let go with greater ease in between each contraction
-Experience a quick recovery and a smooth transition to motherhood
-Breathing techniques increase the oxygen flow, ensuring a plentiful supply of milk
-Support your overall well-being

What you learn in the Prenatal Yoga class will benefit you for a lifetime. One of the most valuable things you learn through yoga is self-care and self-love. You learn to take care of yourself first so that you can take care of others. It’s a great lesson that you can share with your loved ones through your example. Yoga will bring more peace, balance, and mindfulness to your life and help you adjust to changes with more ease and grace.

Ongoing Prenatal Support of our beautiful Yogis in the community is near and dear to our heart. Please send us a message to start this amazing part of your journey!


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Pre-School Yoga

We plan on singing songs, playing games, imaginative play all while learning teamwork, how to handle difficult situations and building strength. Your young preschooler will explore the wide array of yoga poses, practice mindfulness and yogic/ meditative breathing in the comforts of the serene idyllic OMZ Yoga Studio.

Your preschooler is growing up in a very busy and fast paced world. There is no better gift than to give them the infinite wisdom yoga has to offer. Yoga can enable them to find calmness, strength and focus.



Kids Yoga

Yoga programs for older kids from 6 to 12 years of age. Pre-registration and pre-payment are required.  The Kids Yoga Course is scheduled by your instructor on a week by week plan over six weeks. These kids will find their internal rhythm and discover a way to engage their body, mind and spirit with exciting pose structures and advanced understanding of their body and the world around them . They'll gain strength, flexibility and have these foundations to carry on into their adult life.